Fab Festivus

Pam is taking the picture and the rest of us are showing off after a great Festivus.
Bright and early Monday morning, after spending the night in Toronto the four of us, Marilyn, me, Buster and Angel slipped back to 50 Point where our coach was waiting, slides in, jacks up.

I was priding myself this year on taking the time to check every thing out before we leave so there would be  no surprises when we hit the road. Looks like I forgot to check out the Brake Buddy. While Rick provided the “mystery fix”, Bonnie had a parting gift for Marilyn; she had found a Scotties box decorated in Monarch butterflies. We returned the favor by giving her a full, complete and unused roll of Angel Soft.

Bonnie, we’ll make you a deal: We won’t think of you when we pull out a sheet of tissue and you don’t think of us when you tear off a couple of sheets, fair?

One last stop at a tire shop; We had recently installed valve extensions on our rear duals. Guess what, looks like one of them was leaking.
We are all repaired, off accross the border.
We stopped for the day in Ashtabula, Ohio at the Flying J (yes, all our trips do start and usually end at Flying J, why do you ask?). We think tonight could be a Walmart Super Center in Mishawawka, Indiana. I sure hope they have Black Box. Oh, and Angel Soft.

Next time we have internet, we’ll chat. I promise.

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  1. Travel safe… we’re waiting for you… it was a record 31 celsuis today..love that heat
    See you Friday nite…

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