OK, now I’m getting excited. As you may know Jason built this website for me for Christmas (one of his many talents). While I’ve been playing with it he’s been working away in the background making it sweeter. This morning I click on it, we have new colors and I can upload pictures. I see this as our connection with the world, OK, maybe not the world, but certainly family, friends and enemies too. Updates on where we are, what we are thinking, favorite pictures, interesting people, places, whatever. Since it’s my website I’m thinking it should have anything I think is interesting. Hopefully you will find it interesting too.

We’ll take it out for it’s real test run around the 25th of January: We are off for a month in our Motor Home then, we’re thinking we’ll head South.

Come on back for a read whenever you want, have a look at our pictures. You’re welcome anytime. Leave a comment if you feel the urge.