Every Good Mazatlan Day Includes Macaws

A view from the top of El Faro

We leave the park at about 8 this morning, Bob and Marjorie, Marilyn and I, and we are on a mission. We ride to the water taxi, across the shipping channel, then back on the bikes until we reach the base of El Faro, Mazatlan’s world famous lighthouse.

We lock our bikes, climb an exhausting half mile up  into the sky to the top. We are getting better at it. The first time I tried it this year the walk took me over 30 minutes. Now, after about 8 or 10 trips to the tower, I can do it in closer to 20 minutes. The “elite” kids pass me  three or 4 times to my one (the record from bottom to top is about 4 or 5 minutes) so I’m slower, but I sure see more.

But I digress.

Back to the bottom (now a half mile down) we scurry,  mount up and ride our bikes into the historic part of Mazatlan to Macaws for breakfast.


We’re in Maz 3 or 4 times a week and regularly visit this place. Here’s a look at our breakfasts

This place also has a bed and breakfast to die for so here’s a few pictures from upstairs.

I fantasize about spending a few days in this place!

Back to the bikes, the water taxi, a ride down the beach and home sweet home,  we say hello to our dogs.
Perhaps this afternoon is a good time to catch up on some outstanding chores.

…Macaws are intelligent, social birds that often gather in flocks of 10-30 individuals. Their loud calls, squawks, and screams echo through the forest canopy. Macaws vocalize to communicate within the flock, mark territory, and identify one another. Some species can even mimic human speech.

Sound like any of your friends???

Mucho gracias for the read amigos.