Every Day A New Lesson

They say every day we learn something and today I learned I’m not very good at saying Goodbye; especially when I’m saying Adios to the special people we have become great friends with at Tres Amigos RV Park. Let’s face it, this year especially, the RV park is a dust bowl. However, it does have 8 or 10 miles of gorgeous deserted beach and most importantly an absolutley amazing group of fun loving, good natured friendly folk. We will truly miss them all.

But reality calls, so this morning at about 8 AM Bob & Marjorie and  Marilyn and I said our Goodbyes, hooked up our toads and headed north.

Tonight we find ourselves at Los Mochis Copper Canyon RV Park. with 3 other RV’s  all headed north and I believe all headed for Totonaka for a couple of days Monday.

On most trips down here we are blown away be the hundreds of kilometers of beautiful agricultural fields. This year, after the coldest winter in 50 or 60 years, it’s 100’s of kilometers of fields of dead crops. Except for the odd small area,  it’s nothing but brown, frozen out crops.

The only other thing different about this trip were the hundreds of Army vehicles, with every man packing large machine guns at the ready. You have to appreciate the fact that they are doing their best for us, I am just a bit troubled by how many of them it takes to get the job done. We wonder if the cartels are more of a problem than we thought.


4 thoughts on “Every Day A New Lesson

  1. Larry, since I met you and Marilyn in January, I have enjoyed your blog. That is such a neat idea to keep all of your friends and family informed. Have a safe trip home.

  2. Thank,s for the pic,s from the Happy Hour and enjoy your blog. so keep in touch!!! Rog&Susie Safe travel,s!!!

  3. Hi Tracy. Into Arizona, accross the the southern US and up into Ontario by the last week in March.

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