Even Ripley Won’t Believe This One

I’ve hardly slept a wink all night, I’ve been so worried about us. I mean, this is serious!

Yesterday we went to Costco to pick some stuff up and the only beverage we purchased there was Skim Milk. No wine, no beer, Oh migod, not even any rum! Skim Milk. I can’t believe we did this!

Marilyn has been on the hunt for a new bedspread for our coach since last summer. We’ve been in and out of dozens of stores and found a few that were “close, but no cigar.”
Yesterday we stopped at Anna’s Linens. I knew it was all over the minute we walked in the door. We are talking hundreds of different spreads. Is it obvious that we like red?
Yesterday my buddy George posted a neat story about 2 delivery trucks. I thought it was pretty funny and I bet you will enjoy it too.

Did you know that Larry King used to work a truck  for UPS?

Wasn’t that a party

Dennis DeYoung sitting at his Piano, singing
We were sitting in the hot tub a couple of days ago chatting with neighbors John and Donna.
They mentioned they had tickets to a Styx concert in Temecula later this month. Styx is Marilyn’s all time favorite band, so the Woods’ lent us a Styx “Return to Paradise” dvd. Maximum volume on our dvd player is 50 and that’s where it was last night. We followed that up with an Eagles concert that we haven’t watched in a year. We did not adjust the volume. Fortunately the lots here at Jojoba are big so no close neighbors.

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  1. At least you found the bedspread for your coach, nice! I wonder if a Larry King wannabe was driving one of these delivery trucks in the desert! Thanks for sharing my story with your readers.

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