An Etsey Story

A "Blingy" denim perfect pocket

A “Blingy” denim perfect pocket

For years Marilyn has been talking about designing and making a small purse. Finally ,  after getting a smart phone last November, the chatter became action and she created her first Perfect Pocket. She carried  that Perfect Pocket with her  every where and put it through all sorts of tests and all that led to a new and improved version of her creation. A couple more prototypes later she decided she had it and produced a few for sale.


IMAG2752It seemed like everyone one who saw one loved them and sales were good. “you should put them on Etsey” her friends and customers told her, so a week or so ago she did.

She opened Marilyn’s Perfect Pocket Store and people came.
Yesterday morning she crawls out of bed, brushes her teeth, says “Good morning” and grabs  her tablet.

Coffee in hand she opens tablet to see an email from Etsey;  She has sold  another Perfect Pocket, the first on Etsey.




IMG_2980Here’s where it gets fun: The Etsey website asks “does she want to print a shipping label?” OK, let’s try it.

Next the program asks her “do you want to buy shipping?” Let’s try that too.
Before breakfast, and still in her jammies, she has sold a purse and prepped if for shipping. All that’s left to do is to drop it in a mail box. As soon as the postage is purchased Etsey emailed her customer, thanked the for the business and gave them their tracking number. Talk about easy! We could have walked up to the park office and dropped it in their mail box but we’re old school and had to drive to a Post Office and drop it in their box instead.

You can click here to  see what Perfect Pockets are on Etsey today.

And you can view her recent artwork and purses here on her website

“Everything you can imagine is real.” -Pablo Picasso


3 thoughts on “An Etsey Story

  1. I LOVE that saying from Pablo Picassso! … and I have a story about him. Many years ago, when growing up in Puerto Rico, we lived near him. I don’t remember the whole story, so will have to talk to Mom about it, but the saying is so right-on.

    Similar to “What you think about, you BRING about” from I don’t know who – but it’s good 🙂 and “Thoughts BECOME things, so choose the good ones” (c) …. I could go on and on, but that wisdom is out there for everyone to capture in their own way … and that’s exciting !

    That gorgeous spring green and purple Perfect Pocket is MINE! I’m sooo happy with it, Marilyn selected a material that is sooo ME 🙂

    My Samsung Note II fits in the PP still in the small case the phone stays in AND I keep my important debit cards in the case. Receipts and business cards fit in the inside pouches and a spare key in the zipper pouch, so I am good to go at all times.

    The strap is long enough that I can put it over my shoulder when walking or bicycle riding, and when I need to carry a bigger tote, the Perfect Pocket goes right in without taking up too much room.

    GREAT JOB Marilyn 🙂 …. It’s PERFECT !

  2. Thanks Candice for the great review. I am so glad you love your perfect pocket. Pass the word as I plan on making lots!

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