Environment Canada: More Cold Weather To Come

Well, isn’t that just lovely news!

Then the report goes on to say “the cold weather will continue on and off at least until the weather2mid part of April”

I’ve been paying particularly close attention to southern Ontario weather lately because, well because that’s where we’re headed. On the one hand I have a travel buddy in serious need of a grand kid fix  and her travel partner (that’s me) not even a little interested in pushing our way in to more cold weather. In the middle, our health insurance ends on April 10 so common sense says we will be across the border by then.

This is our last day here near Magnolia. Tomorrow we move up closer to Memphis but still in Mississippi. For me that’s good news, I really like  the word  Mississippi and will welcome weather3the opportunity to say it one for day. I love to say it, I love to type it and I love to sing it, sometimes all at the same time: Miss-iss-ipp-i. Takes me way back to my school days and somehow Tennessee just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Tenn-ess….

This morning, as I was typing (is it still typing or is it key boarding?), two small friendly deer walking by our coach stopped to say hello. They must have known the dogs were still sleeping.

OK, kids, lets all be safe out there.

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.”-Carl Reiner