El Lodo

Saturday November 22

We are now just a few hours from Costa Esmeralda (The Emerald Coast). The books say it’s miles and miles of beautiful beach, lots of RV parks and hopefully some other RV’ers. We think we will spend a week there. At about 8:00 I go to move the motorhome. We are stuck. There is no one that can help here yet. The manager will be here at Nueve (nine) they tell us. We begin on our own. In the next hour and a half we move the motorhome about 40′. The manager comes, shakes his head, says he will get a tractor. We should wait. About 11 a farmer shows up with his tractor. At 12:30 we open our outdoor fridge and we all share some cold beers, Mar makes us peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Back to work. It’s now 2:30, the coach has moved maybe 150′ but we are still stuck. We will try again tomorrow with a bigger truck. We have the manager show us the way and point out a good restaurant. We need an hour or 2 away from the coach.

We pull out the lawn chairs, I find a couple more cold cerveza, we relax. Mar begins to clean some of the mud from inside the coach (we’ve been in and out 100 times today), With 2 dogs in my lap,I have a snooze.

At about 5:30 we go to supper. Here’s my dinner, its basically called Shrimp a la Mexican

We are nowhere near level so can’t get a satellite TV signal, our satellite radio is popping in and out. We put a Seinfeld DVD in our laptop. After about 10 minutes the computer crashes.

It’s 7:30, we go to bed.

So what’s El Lodo you ask? It’s the spanish word for the MUD.