El Lodo II

El Lodo II

Sunday Nov 23

It’s about 8 am, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. The coach has not miracuously risen above the mud overnight, maybe the opposite. We discuss our “situation.” We agree we will be lucky if we get on the road today, we mentally prepare for a long stay. We will need a SuperMercado (Grocery store). Among other things, we out of Vino Tinto. We figure out how how we can get water (we in the middle of almost a field) and where we can dump our grey water. We are hopeful but prepared. We have a view of the highway here, we have now seen 2 RV’s , we are not alone. I promise Mar that if she ever goes for divorce I will help her compile the list of charges. The places I have taken this gal, the stuff I put her through, she is truly one amazing lady! By the way, she is still positive and smiling. As I write this she is outside cross-stitching. I think I will find a book and join her. After all, I did dig out 2 lawnchairs.

At about 10 0’clock our Truck Gigantico arrives. It’s actually an older small Toyota with 3 Mexicans in it. They are going to push us out. In about 15 minutes they are gone. We are not. Our park owner shrugs his shoulders, I am losing it. I insist on a truck with a winch ( a wrecker or tow truck). He promises to go and find one.

11:30, two guys arrive. These are people who are used to getting things done, they have that attitude about them. They assess the situation. We all agree, I need to be winched back to higher ground and then go for it. They can do it, for a fee. Cuanto? 3,000 pesos they respond. It’s absolute robbery, I know, but we agree. 3,000 pesos when I am on the highway. We are being raped, but as long as they do a good job and don’t damage the coach I’ll pay.

By noon they are back with a tow truck. When I was a teenager in the 60’s I had a part time job driving a tow truck evenings and weekends. The one I drove was about a 1947 Ford. This one is newer, but not much. Just like poetry in motion, they hook up and very gently pull us out. I wish I could have seen it, but I was driving. We pay them, but at the entrance to the highway I am stuck again.True to their word, they pull me up on to the pavement. Mar meets me down the road where we hook up the truck.Other than mud there is no damage to the coach. It’s 12:30 and we are on the road….again.