Easter At The Vanstones

dsc00656_edited.jpgA little early at the Vanstones, we all got together last night for the Forever Annual Easter Egg Hunt. I think there’s a rule somewhere that the Bunny can’t come to our town til the Vanstones have had their egghunt. I know nothing happens around this house til it’s done. I notice that these days the chocolate bunnies are now expensive, well wrapped and we no longer move to Kool Aid after the hunt. Now it’s straigt to the booze. Who won the hunt you say? I think it was Jason with about 17 eggs. Followed by James with 11, then about 7 or so each for the girls. Looks like my son’s still got it.

It’s extra important we celebrate Easter 2008 well, they say it’s the earliest Easter in the past 95 years. Easter won’t be this early again for another 222 years. Who knows what we’ll all be up to by then. 222 years from now the kid’s Great Grandchildren will probably have Great Grandchildren. Can you imagine organizing all that? I’ve put it in my calendar just so I don’t forget but I too could be busy. 222 years is after all a long time.

It’s Sunday Morning now and I’m enjoying a coffee but here’s to you. Happy Easter! May your Bunny do what ever your Bunny does best. And Remember. Party at our house March 22, 2230. Maybe Sue can make that one.