The E. C. Brown Wetland



welland river

Farm buildings across the Welland River

I’m sure you will agree, we are all creatures of habit.

And it is our habit to start each day with a good long walk, or what some would call, a hike. On nasty days we hook up our dog Angel and walk our neighborhood. We are  nosy people, so this allows us to see what’s new in our hood while getting some fresh new oxygen in our older, more mature lungs.

If the weather is more to our liking, we travel by car to a trail, park or conservation area. On those days you know we are serious, we are  going to measure our adventure in miles instead feet. And instead of “being nosy” we are on an “adventure” because we really do like to explore and discover new things.

I’m not sure but I think “being nosy” and “exploring” are really the same thing, but exploring sounds way better. After all, nobody ever called Christopher Columbus nosy.

Back to the E.C. Browne Wetland

frogs in the pond

There’s just gotta be frogs in here


So, Marilyn opened the map and stabbed E.C. Browne Wetlands, mostly because we have never been there before (remember, we are explorers).

This cute little Niagara Peninsula Conservation Area is snuggled in next to the Welland River south of Welland. Other than the Niagara Central Airport right across River Road the area is all agricultural.

The park is small, flat with lots of birds and birdhouses, cleared, easy trails with a puddle carefully placed here and there just to remind you you’re in a “wetland”s. Just a little further west on river Road is a grassy park are with a boat launch and lots of room for a picnic.

The kids will love the puddles and if they’re lucky they might come home with a new pet frog or two.

Kids or no kids, E.C. Browne Wetlands is a scenic drive from anywhere and a relaxing half hour in nature.

What do you think? Where is your favorite hike in the Niagara?

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt” John Muir


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