Drum Roll Please: Introducing RV Questions

I have another website I’ve played with on and off for the last three years.   I got started with it about a year after AmazingVanstones appeared on the scene but I could never quite figure out where to go with it. I’ve ignored it for months at a time, then got fired up about it, then went back to ignore, back and forth. Two winters ago I promised myself I would either make it into something or throw it away once we got parked in Mexico.

I think I did think about it a bit, one day on my way up to Bob’s for a beer, but you know the rest of that story.

Last winter I double promised. I think I now have something that works for me and appeals to RV type readers.  The website is still getting its legs but some days it’s reader-ship blows this blog out of the park.

Basically it’s about all things RV. Stories from within the industry, unique rv’s and RVers, good articles written by other RVers and what’s new in the biz. Whatever I think will interest you.

Now I have a favor to ask of you:

Those that know me know that I am passionate about RV’s and RVing. Everyday I do anything and everything I can to encourage people to get out and enjoy their rv’s.

I need your help. I would like you to have a good look at this website. Check out any of the articles that interest you, meander through the links on the right. If you like what you see please recommend me to your friends. Blog about it if you will. If you don’t like it recommend it to your friends anyway. Let’s face it; everybody knows your friends aren’t anywhere near as well read and knowledgeable as you are anyway. They’ll probably even thank you for thinking of them.

Either way, tell me what you like, what you don’t, how I can sharpen it  up.

And keep spreading the word.

Put RV Questions in your links, or your favorites and once I get it rolling we’ll add some advertising and make lots of money and become famous and you can recall to your friends that you knew me way back when.

And where do I find this fine website you ask?



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