Drift Creek Falls

I think we are looking at a future painting here. After about a fifteen mile drive back into the bush east of Lincoln City last week we parked and then hiked a couple of miles back in to Drift Creek Falls. The walk was fun with lots to see and the view at the falls  definetly made it all worth the effort.

I’m  not sure what kind of mushrooms these are, but they sure they are cute.    From The Oregon Coast, 2011

Today we will cross the line into California to work our way down to some T-shirt weather. While in Oregon we were paying $3.95 to $4.07 per gallon for diesel, GasBuddy.com says today we will see $4.30 to $4.50 for each gallon of the precious liquid.

We’ve kept an album going of our favorite pictures while in Oregon. If you are not seeing it here, you want to get to http://amazingvanstones.com/ , you’ll see them there. Please do me a favor and bookmark me. Go ahead, I promise it won’t hurt. Facebook has told us all they will not be carrying our blogs anymore. If you bookmark me now you can read me when ever you want, if you want.

California, here we come.

3 thoughts on “Drift Creek Falls

  1. great pics larry…amazingly cute mushrooms…funny how they’d grow in such a formation…travel safe..

  2. Looks like a great hike and time to head south to some warmer weather for sure. We are just east of Houston for a day or so and 80 f at 9 am, love it here! We fuelled with gas yesterday only $ 3:17 a gallon ($3.65 for diesel), liking these prices.
    Travel safe and enjoy.

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