Dreaming No More

Marilyn gives big wave on snow covered trail

It’s going to be a white Christmas


How does that old song go you ask?

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas……”

Let me tell you: there’ll be no dreaming in the Vanstone house this year. It’s the day before the big day and things are “dreamy white” already. This is the most snow we have seen in years, certainly the most that has fallen in St Catharines in most residents memory. So I guess instead of “dreaming our life away” you could say that we are “living our dream.”

We’ve seen a lot of white sand over the years, but sand is not this white


You might be asking yourself, “what are they smoking? They used to love sitting in the sun on the beach this time of year”. Actually that’s the point. We love the beach, we love the warm sun and sand and¬†who could forget the not-so-warm, those chilly¬† cerveza. We can’t forget any of it, but we’re having a great time enjoying a winter in Canada. Besides, some one has to send all our friends in Mexico and the warm south pictures of contrasting weather. For example, isn’t that the purpose of a cold drink on a hot day?

I’d love to stay and chat a bit longer, but I need to get outside and finish cleaning up last night’s snowfall you’re seeing here. We’re supposed to have a bunch more tonight.

Merry White Christmas everyone.

I need to hurry down the trail to catch Marilyn


“Snowflakes are kisses from Heaven.”





5 thoughts on “Dreaming No More

  1. You said you wanted to build a snowman WELL!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Ken & Char

  2. Enjoy the sun George. And the sand. You’ve done that circuit so many times it must be like old home week, no matter where you go.

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