Dothan, Alabama

Southern Alabama rolling hills, quite treat after Flat Florida

Southern Alabama rolling hills, quite treat after Flat Florida

Big day for the Vanstone’s today. We left Cedar Key at about 10 this morning and traveled 250 miles, at least  100 miles more than usual,  to arrive in Dothan, Alabama about six hours later.
Not only did we do some miles, we went up and down hills, some close to 300 feet tall (careful you don’t get a nosebleed here. Weren’t we on rides higher than that at Disney World?). We haven’t seen a hill  that tall since last October. There are certainly none in Florida and I don’t recall any in Georgia. We think maybe we last did a hill of any size was way back in North Carolina. It’ll be good to get out west and see the Rockies again, that’s for sure.

We are settled in to a Passport park called Pecan Point RV Park with our satellite locked in, plus about 50 cable channels. Add in 50 amp, all hook ups and WiFi for $25 a night.  The park is a mix of mobile homes and RV’s  but big, roomy and clean and the price is certainly right

My Gift For You.

We saw this plate on a coach parked in Cedar Key. You’ve probably seen it already, but I admit it, sometimes I’m a little slow. Just sometimes though, other times I’m a lot slow. The pointof all this is that when I saw it, right away I thought of you. Yes, You!

Perfect vanity plate

Your perfect vanity plate

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
Mark Twain

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  1. I love that plate. Did you ask them where we can buy one? Somehow today I feel particularly wrinkled.

  2. I think you can get that plate in the store that also sells the solar “life’s a beach” Airstream trailer light we saw in Okeechobee. When you find that store pick one up for me too.

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