Doing Fine

Hi Guys, this is not Larry but Larry’s special wife Marilyn(the painter) I have just dropped in to let you know how the great man is doing!  Well not so bad.  The Doctor said the surgery went very well everything looks great.  We need about 10 days for the final tests but all went well.  I left Larry this afternoon and he was sleeping  every now and then he would wake up and ask about the world.  Is there anyone new in the park? We always like to see the new incoming.  Steve and Dar dropped by this evening to say hi, it so great to see them again.  A new season is about to begin  I hear that Bonnie and Rick will be here this weekend.  Anyway at this point all is well.  He loves you all!  Keep reading it is his high!

PS I am a painter not a great writer.


10 thoughts on “Doing Fine

  1. HI Marilyn and Larry
    Thank you, Marilyn, for the postive up date on Larry. He was in our thoughts and prayers today.
    Give him our best, and we know he will be up and about as soon as he can!
    Don and Barb

  2. Hugs from the C’s currently in Red Bluff, CA! So glad to hear to good news. At least now he’ll have another pain to take his thoughts off his sore butt & legs!!

  3. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that Larry is doing well.
    We wish you a speedy recovery and will visit you guys as soon Larry is upto it.
    Leo and Emmy.

  4. Hi guys,
    Glad to hear that Larry is doing well..keep on being a good nurse Mar, we trust you….we are in Carthage,MO heading north tomorrow..see you this summer..
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you

  5. Great to hear all is well. Hope he continues the road to recovery.
    We came back last week. We’re still staying in Milton. Yuck to the weather.
    Wayne will be at 50 Pt today to move Al and Doreen’s trailer.
    Say hi to Larry for us.
    Wayne and Barb

  6. Glad to hear all went well, a speedy recovery and great results in 10 day,s…. I’m melting in Ariz. susie xox Has the snow melted in Ont.?? Take Care!!!!

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