Our Dogs’ 15 Favorite Beaches


Yesterday I was reading a very well written article listing the worlds 27 best beaches. Like everyone who reads an article like that  I always count along to see how many we have visited too. I impressed the hell out of myself when I totaled that we have been on 5 of the 27. But let’s  read their list later.

So I start thinking, we’ve seen a lot of Canada, the US and Mexico. We’ve even been to China. What are our favorite beaches, I wondered. As I was compiling my list I asked Marilyn for her comments.


Turns out Mare and I can’t agree on favorite beaches so I asked my back-up experts Buster  and Angel for their advice. Here is the Vanstone’s dogs favorite North American Dog Beaches. Please read their list to your dogs and see if maybe we are on to something here.


In No Particular order, here we go:

  • 50 Point Dog Beach, Hamilton, Ontario. This one is first because we are only a few hundred feet away from it and the dogs visit it almost every day.
  • Brohard Paw Park, Sarasota, Florida. It’s Christmas day, it’s warm and everybody has a dog, Or two. Or three. Some of the dogs have their own girls in bikinis.
  • Del Mar Dog Beach, just north of San Diego. Another Christmas day, see above except no bikinis.
  • Isla de la Piedra, near Mazatlan Mexico. Every morning for about 3 months, two years in a row, we dragged them down this one. No wonder their legs are so short!
  • Yan Ten beach, near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s the Caribbean!
  • Chilano Beach, near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (at this point Buster comments any deserted Mexican beach is cool with him)
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia. Miles and miles of sand
  • Jupiter Beach, Florida. More sand, more bikinis.
  • Beverly Beach State Park, Oregon. Different weird stuff, washed up every morning by the Pacific. A sniffer’s delight!
  • The Pinery Provinicial Park, on Lake Huron, Ontario. It’s where buster learned to play fetch.
  • The dog beaches of Pensacola Beach, Florida. Many miles of snow white sand.   And it’s where all the cool dogs hang out.
  • Rodanthe, North Carolina, on the Outer Banks. It’s November and there miles of beach.
  • Gulf Shores, Alabama. From here we say goodbye to white sand


“That’s it” says Buster, “I’m done! I have to go pee.” Angel wants a cookie. We’ll leave the last two for another day.

Here’s the list that started it all

You’ll notice they did a lot better job with the layout and the pictures. Mind you, they didn’t have two dogs helping them.

Like I said, we got 5. But lets save that list for another day.


“A long walk in a long beach shortens every kind of sorrow!”  Mehmet Murat ildan

Thanks for the read. Sorry about the sand in your toes.

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  1. Love the pic of the “Fruck” in her original dress. As I recall there were a few Tecates there as well!! Thanks, the post makes me fell warm in this cold spring in Ontario.


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