Dog Beach, Christmas Day

Christmas was a beautful day here in southern California, the perfect day to go to the beach. For sure we’re going to take the dogs so we google “dog beach near Oceanside” . We make our choice, plug the address into the GPS and we are off.

We pass Lawrence Welk Way, Bing Crosby Drive and soon we are at the dog beach in Del Mar. Us and hundreds of others; every breed, every size, every shape, every attitude and that’s just the people. There must to be more than one dog per person, Buster is in heaven. Angel, on the other hand  is not that fond of dogs, she is hanging back with Marilyn. We all enjoying the warm sun, the sand, the sparkling blue water.

We dig out our sand chairs and dive into our picnic lunch as more and more people bring their dogs out to enjoy the day. One more walk down the beach and we load our soaking wet dogs into the truck for our trip home. What a great way to enjoy Christmas.

This morning I promise I will vacuum out the truck. Before I leave you, check out this neat water fountain. Handy for adults, kids and the dogs:

Water for all. Our dogs are not impressed.

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