A Very Different Thrift Store

IMAG2674 We start our day with a huge walk through the State Park. The dogs love to walk when all the smells are new and different, but you watch, in a week or less we’ll be back to dragging them around again like they’re two rocks on a string.
By early afternoon we decide a drive is in order so with Buster on the console and Angel in Mar’s lap, we head off to explore the City of Magnolia, population 2453. You can tell that  this city has been an important part of Mississippi at some points in its life, but that’s not so today. In fact even the magnolia blossoms are not in attendance quite yet, though I’m sure they’ll be along in just a few days.
These days there is a grocery store named Sunflower, two dollar stores, a farm co-op, an old pharmacy and a hardware store. Other than a couple of small cafes that’s almost it. Not even a Pizza joint or a tavern that we could find.

There is however, a very interesting Thrift store so we circle back. Regular readers will know that this winter I’ve visited and learned to love thrift stores. This one will certainly go down on my favorite’s list.

As we park in front we check out the huge display of generators, all looking brand new, in various colors and sizes. Next to the generators sit a large pile of ATV or tractor tires.

The place even smells clean and it’s well displayed including the stack of protein powder and medications just inside the door. Besides the used clothing, furniture and old tv’s (all flat screens) you’ll find in every thrift store, there’s new fully stocked groceries, 8 or ten drawer tool chests next to electric motors, pumps, air compressors and tools, tools and tools.

Did I mention the large selection of toilet paper?

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It’s like they did a Break & Enter on a Harbor Freight and got away with it!

And there, on a lonely shelf close to the back I find 3 new pressure washers. I’ve been thinking I needed a pressure washer for years and we decided that someday, when the right deal came along, we would own one. I’m not familiar with the brand name and can only guess at the value. They want $65 for it, which I think is a good deal. We decide to offer them $50 and take our chances. They won’t budge from their asking.  We  walk.
At home later I google. Up comes the exact pressure washer. Amazon says $129. Harbor Freight has them on sale for $110. The reviews on the machine are OK. So at $65 it’s the deal we’ve been waiting for. We decide we will return today and if it’s meant to be ours there will be at least one left and it will come home with us. We have room in the basement, the only decision left is what will we name it.

“Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character.”-S.W. Straus

Thanks for the read.