Did You See The News?

First thing yesterday morning the emails began, followed by phone calls and visits from well meaning friends, associates and even a few enemies.

Did you see the news?” They all said.

It’s quite amazing, the less people know about Mexico, the more they know about Mexican violence. the more adamant they are that for us  to even think of the place is bad, bad, bad.

I read the advisory and all I see that is new is they have added the hurricanes and a couple more border towns to the mix. In reality the advisory reads a lot like it did in 2001 when we first RV’d to Mexico.

I do agree that the hysteria surrounding Mexican travel has reached new levels. One of our friends will not be making their annual trip to Donna Texas for the winter “because of all the violence”. Now how silly is that?

President John Kennedy is quoted as saying; “The only thing to fear is fear itself”

2 thoughts on “Did You See The News?

  1. Yes Larry we agree with you, it seems to keep replaying itself like a broken record. After experiencing Mexico last year for the first time there is some things you can and can’t do, just like any other country in the world and violence is everywhere. We like to travel safe and be well informed just like you.

  2. Hi Larry , We are booked for Stone Island this year for the first time. I am going by what all of you say as far as safety goes , but we are constantly being warned against not going by friends and family. Gonna be at Nogales late December adn see how it is then, would like to caravan with others to Mazatlan , have been looking forward to it all summer since leaveing the cold state of florida last winter again. Hope we get to meet you this winter , we are from ATIKOKAN Ontario now , but originally from SW Ontario (Simcoe, Delhi area ) write some time , love your new motorhome Nancy Hodgson

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