Last weekend Mar and I had a date.
Perhaps I need to be a tad more specific: Marilyn and I had a date with our 2 year old grandson Aiden. He arrived at 50 Point Sunday about noon for a baby sit/sleepover while his mom and dad went out for the night. It’s been a lot of years since Marilyn and I have been host/hostess to a two year old for 24 hours, so while we were looking forward to the event I’d be fibbing if I said we weren’t a little concerned about how the thing was going to go.
It went just fine. After playing with Lego blocks and doing a Tour De 50 Point on his 3 wheel trike with adult handle on the back, we headed off for ice cream. First Marilyn taught him how to lick the ice cream cone and when he tried it himself the first word out of his 26 month old mouth was “Delicious” followed by “I Like That”. After more licking he followed that sentence with a crowd stopper of the afternoon for the whole restaurant when in an extremely loud voice he said “Fart”. You think they liked it when he said it once: He almost got a standing “O” when he said again only louder.
The use of that kind of almost profane word in such a loud voice really upset me, you see I had planned on teaching him that exact word as soon as we got home. I’m guessing his other grandpa beat me to it. Darn you Clark!
Anyway, all in all we had a pretty good weekend with the little guy. So good in fact, Marilyn volunteered to do it again some time soon. I believe her exact words were “Soon, Just not too soon.”

4 thoughts on “Dee-Lish-Us

  1. Sure is fun, we have five young grandchildren and it gets pretty wild when they are all together ages 3 to 8 years old. So much fun to visit but yes it nice to go home too. Enjoy while you can.

  2. Thank you so much for the mail, how I enjoyed this one. What an absolutely adorable little grandson he is!! and those eyes!!! I just loved the ‘terrible twos’ could not find one thing ‘terrible’ about them, and then comes the ‘horrible threes’ and have yet to find them horrible!! Also, the video we viewed of your daughter in law was so enjoyable, what a talented gal she is.
    We still must keep our bicycle ride in mind. We are heading to the NET in Vineland for the weekend with our 5th wheel to meet a group of people and hope to do some cycling.
    Take care.
    As ever, Don an dBarb

  3. what a cutie he is….glad hes getting the english language down pat :)….we also had our g/daughter last weekend…they sure can tire you out….love to see them come -but smile a bit when they leave 😉

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