Death Of A Friend

For 10 years, my loyal and trustworthy freind

For 10 years, my loyal and trustworthy freind

For the past 10 years we’ve been everywhere together. She has always had our back, whether we were at home in Canada, travelling the highways of the USA or on the Libres and  Quotas in Mexico. In Mexico she probably climbed a thousand  topes(speed bumps) just  to keep up. Her four-wheel-drive has powered us through everything from snow banks to sand dunes. Once we even went 4x4ing with the big boys of four wheel drive, the Jeeps, and even there she kept up just fine. Many years ago in a park in North Carolina she pulled our motor home out of danger. With her powerful battery she has boosted dozens of passenger vehicles and, when I took her to work, hundreds of motorhomes. She has pulled stranded vehicles out of snow banks, mud bogs and sand dunes.

With the sun roof open and the back window down she felt just like a convertible. She was all done out in black leather with an amazing sound system.
Monday afternoon, on her way back from a great weekend at Georgian Bay, her engine seized and in less than an instant, she was gone.
Soon she will be sold for salvage, and we are already on the look out for her replacement. We went back yesterday to clean some of the stuff out of her and I have to admit, I cried a bit when I said goodbye. As I write this, I’m all teary eyed again.

10 Years is a long time.

Fruck In White

Fruck In White

We bought her in 2003 when she was almost brand new. She was a bright white back then and her first owner had ordered her with every available option. We called her our “Fruck” (as in fun truck). Over the years we put about 200,000 kilometers (120,000 miles) on the odometer and added another 50,000 miles behind three different motor homes. As I said, she treated us well, and we returned the favor with regular oil changes and service and only the best in tires, shocks and what ever else she asked for. She was lavished with wash jobs and hundreds of coats of wax. One year, while in Mexico we even painted her up to make her real pretty and to match the motor home. And the we washed and polished some more.

So what’s next you ask? I’m thinking we will take a few days to figure out what kind of vehicle we go for next. For sure it will be towable, well equipped and in nice shape. In fact, if you know of a nice one that’s available, please let me know. What ever it is though I doubt it will ever completely replace our beloved  Fruck.

They say the definition of the word “Die” is to stop sinning, suddenly.

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4 thoughts on “Death Of A Friend

  1. A sad end to a great weekend. We had many fun adventures in the Fruck with you. Sorry to hear of the passing.

  2. I tailgated on a sunny Christmas day last year in that same Fruck. We squeezed four Canadians into the backseat of that truck in Mexico and I think I was on the bottom. Followed that truck in true RV caravan style as we toured anywhere our heats desired. Wine tours in Niagara and so many more adventures, all great memories the name Fruck certainly fit. What are the family wishes floral memorials or donations to a charity? Larry and Marilyn our condolences.

  3. Well that totally sucks. Sorry to hear this.
    Never a good thing when an engine goes. Was there any kind of a post mortem?
    Blown seal? Head gasket? Forgot to put in oil?
    I had an engine cease on me (it was a Ford) for no apparent reason many, many years ago. Thankfully I noticed the temperature climbing and got off the road and shut it down. It stopped immediately, which was the first sign that I had no oil pressure. There was only an “idiot light”, but it never lit up! Double meaning of the term “idiot light” I guess. It was a new truck under warranty, and wasn’t my own truck, so there were a couple bullets that I dodged that morning.
    Good luck with the search for a new “Fruck”.

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