Daytona Custom Car Show

We had a great day at the 40th annual Turkey Trot

We had a great day at the 40th annual Turkey Trot

There’s a custom car show every Tuesday night near our summer hangout in Grimsby, Ontario where every week you can check out a couple of hundred funky custom cars. We get out there a couple of times a year and always really enjoy ourselves checking out all the old classy cars while we listen to the hits of the 50’s and 60’s blasting from the boom boxes.
They have one here in Daytona this weekend, they call it the Turkey Run. Instead of a few hundred cars we are used to, here there are over 6,000, yes, I said Six Thousand Cars, classic cars and replicas on display. Add to that, there’s few thousand  parts and accessory booths selling all the goodies a fellow would need to make that old heap into a groovy classic.

Can I buy you lunch? Sausage on a bun for me, a Corn Dog with Cheese for my sweety

Can I buy you lunch? Sausage on a bun for me, Corn Dog with Cheese for my sweety. Add a small bag of Kettle Corn for dessert  and we are good!

It was our first time at the Daytona International Speedway and between the size of the place, (it’s 480 acres)  and all the cars on display we are absolutely blown away. Believe me when I say, we were having the time of our lives!

We planned ahead on this one and went early on the very first day (Thanksgiving) of a show that goes all weekend. We got a parking spot within a mile of the show and even  got a ride to the gate on a courtesy golf cart. Where Thursday we drove right in, yesterday the cars were backed up 8 to 10 miles. Even the traffic jam  was a  show: Hundreds of custom cars, all newly painted and polished, idling roughly , sitting in traffic waiting for their turn to enter the Speedway complex so they too could show off  their prize possession.

We are certainly enjoying our week here near Daytona. It’s a happening place. Here’s a few more of the sights we saw at Daytona.

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