Daytona Beach; Whatta Beach!

Looking North, Daytonna Beach 9 am

The kids had an 9 oclock appointment with the spa yesterday morning and in true Vanstone tradition we were there in lots of time. So with the dogs being looked after by Pet Smart Mar and I had a 4 hour date. We headed east on International Speedway Drive, directly to the beach. We parked on the pavement but we could have driven right out on to the beach.

We’ve done a lot of beaches over the years but I think this one is number 1 for being the flattest most hard packed beach we’ve ever been on. So packed in fact, that not only many land speed records have been set right here and  in the early days the Daytona car race course included highway A1A and the beach

For yesterday’s walk on the beach the temperature was in the mid 70’s. What a contrast!This morning in Daytona we are in the high 30’s with a forecast of mid 60’s for our daytime high.

If you search YouTube there are lots of videos of early speed runs and races on Daytona Beach, including this one:

“Perhaps it is too late. I want to run
the beach’s length, because it never ends.”
Deborah Ager

4 thoughts on “Daytona Beach; Whatta Beach!

  1. Texas??
    Never mind.

    Neat video, especially the part where the old bi-plane can’t keep up. Not sure why they need to add the music though. I know, there’s always “mute”, but still….

  2. Ruth if I’m sprouting anything it’s more belly. We haven’t been to Texas for a few years. I’m afraid you have us confused with some one important.

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