Day 9

We are in Sam Houston Jones State Park, near Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1545 miles from home. We’ve travelled the Natchez Trace Parkway from the beginning in Nashville Tennessee, 444 miles to Natchez Mississippi at its termination.

On our way we visited a couple of Wal-Marts including one in Lawrenceburg Kentucky. This one is likely to stand out in our minds forever, first of all because of the attached rather large liquor store and secondly the parking lot had good strong free wi-fi. The liquor store was important. We’ve wound up in dry counties in Kentucky before so travelling in that state you want to make sure your cabinet is full.

Yes, we’ve done the Trace before, in fact this is probably the third or fourth time we have travelled on it but this was the first time we have ever done it all, every last mile, in one trip.

We will talk more about the Trace some day soon.

From there, we spent a couple of nights in Natchez, before moving down to Lake Charles. Tomorrow we move further southwest, this time to Sea Rim State Park near Port Arthur Texas to spend 4 or 5 nights on the Gulf of Mexico.

morning on the Trace

How’s Putt-Putt working out you ask: With our Camelot I did all the driving. With our Trend we both drive so travel is much more relaxing and less boring. And with the Trend we look for the country roads (just ask us how we happened to wind up in Lawrenceburg Kentucky), far off the interstates and because we are the size of a large car we are never concerned about getting into something we will have trouble getting out of. We used to be able to travel for days with the pusher before we stopped for fuel. We are in a service station at least once or twice a day with Putt-Putt but where we used to average 7.3 mpg, our Trend says it’s getting 16.6 mpg on this trip.

along the Trace


Thanks to the interstate highway system, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything” Charles Kural

Thanks for the read. I’ll see you down the trail.