Dark and Drizzle

abandoned home and a sunset

abandoned home and a sunset in the window; the sequel


Yesterday was that kind of day!

Absolutely no sign of the sun, rainy, foggy, becoming more muddy as our remaining snow melted away.

I was up at Sicards anyway; A friend and customer’s ( in one word,what would you call a friend and customer? We have names for everything else) new factory order motor home came in and I wanted to have a look. And send them a picture.

As I was heading up there, in the fog, I was thinking about the abandoned house we looked at the other day, and thinking that a black and white shot of it would probably look pretty good on this dreary, foggy day.

abandoned barn

where’s the sky?


foundation of a barn

Barn built in the 1850’s


Turns out it’s not a house

Now my curiosity is piqued. What’s the story behind this building? so I went to the farm-house next door and met Carl. Turns out, it’s not a house, it was a livestock barn, built in the 1850’s. Early one Christmas morning the roof and walls just collapsed. Carl wasn’t sure what year that was. They’ve lived there 15 years and it was certainly long before than. He says he’s tried to keep what you see in good repair, but the front wall is getting a bit of a lean to it and nothing seems to help. If you have a cheap fix for that wall, I bet he would love to hear about it.

I showed him my sunset-in-the-window picture and he was blown away. They have no pictures of it. I texted that picture to him while I was there, and  after I finish this babble I will send the all the rest of photos I have.

you can hear the lonely sunflowers calling out to the birds “Hey, you there, I got food. Come on over”


So I’m driving home along Lake Ontario at Jordan Harbor. I see the deserted boat. I think about this relic every time I see  an interesting sky over the lake and it’s only about 15 minutes from home. I have zero excuse. I drive by it dozens of times a month. I should have a whole album of great shots of this thing. Until today I had maybe two photos, that’s all. This foggy day I need to fix that.

absndoned ship

The ghost ship of St Catharines, frozen in time


You can learn more about “Le Grande Hermine” here

So, you’ve been for a car ride,  visited a 160 year old barn and an old ghost ship. You’ve almost got lost in the fog, your boots are all muddy. I’ll bet you’re tired and want to go home. I’ll drop you off. But first, I appreciate your company on my little adventure. It was fun for me, how about you?

“Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride” Gary Allen