Damn! Did We Ever Do Good


It’s either that or: Inspite of us they all turned out great!

We haven’t seen the Toronto kids since early October, 2010. It’s been a long, long time but today was the day. As we were on our way home from a great day catching up with them all we both agreed that we certainly missed them and they missed us too but they are all doing just fine with out us. For the past few years we have felt that our job as parents was done and we done good. Now we can enjoy them as equals and friends and thats a job we’ll both enjoy.

We’ll see them all again next Saturday when we are back in Toronto for the Harry Rosen Spring Run Off  and yes, there’s still time to pledge if you want.

We made a mistake!

Marilyn thought she had been invited to apply to the Grimsby Art Show, that happens this September. Today we got a copy of the letter and read it carefully. She has been invited to participate in the 2011 show. So she is now in 2 art shows this summer; Thorold (Niagara Falls) in May and Grimsby in September.  When you approach our Casa Rodante I must warn you: 


2 thoughts on “Damn! Did We Ever Do Good

  1. Can’t wait to see our kids too , but still a month away or more. Congrats on the art shows Marilyn, you will probably sell out.

  2. Nancy, there’s snow here. I can’t imagine how much you still have up there. Take your time.

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