Cyclone Bomb; On the Edge

How bad is the weather? Depends on your attitude.


The real story is we are all good.

We are cozy and warm. Our car starts, none of the streets we have driven on so far are impassable because of  snow drifts, ice or flooding. Not one of our pipes are frozen. The only ice I know of is exactly where it should be, in the ice maker.

The only real issue we have come across so far is that when Angel does a #2 in the snow, by the time we get the mitts off and open a bag, her poop, being warm has melted way down in the snow and is hard to find. Our choices are

  • dig down in the snow to find the poop
  • leave it til spring when we will step in it.

We have chosen to dig.


Other than lake-effect-snow our weather is the same as Buffalo’s so most days we check them for the latest forecast . According to channel WGRZ’s meteorologists,  the weather bomb isn’t affecting us yet, but at any moment could shift to a new direction, placing us right in the middle of it all.

We understand that could happen so yesterday we thought we should stock up .

We went to Home Depot and Costco.

And then to Freshco and LCBO*

So our cupboards, both food and liquor, are full., ready for the big storm.

*You need to be from Ontario to know that we say “licbo” we mean Liquor Control Board of Ontario which means liquor store.

Kind of reminds me of January 2014, in Pensacola for “The Ice Storm Of A Generation!” We were stuck on Pensacola Island for 4 days because of ice on the bridges. That far south, they have no equipment to handle ice or snow. No one could get on or off the island until the ice melted.

motorhome frozen in ice

Hey Mare; We live in an igloo! In Florida


So what do we do with our time when we can’t be out for too long? Well, I’m sitting here banging away at the keyboard and Marilyn is in her studio creating another masterpiece. Here’s how she’s doing. I’ll update on her progress in a couple of days. And just maybe I’ll spell painting properly when I do:

“It’s so cold, I’m shaking like a couple of jelly donuts at a Weight Watchers” meeting!



2 thoughts on “Cyclone Bomb; On the Edge

  1. Sounds like you both have adapted well to a winter in Canada. The LCBO thanks all of us Snowbirds that decide to winter in Ontario.

  2. Sheila. Maybe if you and I both suggested to them that they have a “Snowbird Appreciation Sale” to show us the love. They could do a 2 for 1. Then we would appreciate them too.

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