Cruisin’ For Chicks

I remember way back in the 60’s when on most weekend nights until about midnight,  you could find my high school buddy Phil, in his customized Ford cruising up and down the main drag of  home town looking for chicks. He would make his way all the way down Victoria street to 1st avenue before making a u turn and heading back to 8th or maybe even 9th before starting another loop.

I was so jealous, I didn’t have a cool car so I couldn’t cruise like that. The best I could do, and even then only once in a while was to borrow my mom’s old Anglia ( when was the last time your heard that name?). Trust me; an Anglia was not designed as a chick-mobile.


He would drive that path for hours, smiling, waving, stopping everyone once in a while, offering to give the young ladies a ride. I can not confirm whether he actually ever did or did not have any real female company but I certainly hope he did, at least once in a while.

Over the years I lost track of Phil, that is until  we checked in to an Encore  55+ park here in Bradenton, Florida. Here he is, 50 years later,  still going round and round the main drag of this campground. He’s bald now, and put on some weight and  he’s traded his old car for a golf cart . He doesn’t cruise til midnight anymore, mainly because he too can’t see well in the dark. He now wears a  funky looking set of head phones and in keeping with the season he has a plastic Santa attached to the roof of his cart. He’s still smiling, he’s still waving and he’s still all by himself.

Hey Phil, did you ever think of getting a cute little dog. Girls of all ages love cute little dogs.

“Patience is a virtue and the best things in life are worth waiting for.”-Julie Spira