Crow's Too Fast

See the crow hanging on the side of the white dish? Neither do I. The Damn crow was too fast for me!

 We are on a bike ride (the first of 2009 I might add) on our tandem down in Tulum and after working our tails off on a great ride for a couple of hours we stop for lunch. Sitting on the table next to us is a container half full of small envelopes of sugar. We are enjoying a cold cerveza, waiting for our lunch when  a crow swoops in, grabs a sugar and flies off to a quiet corner. He pecks a hole in the bag and commences to enjoy every last granule of sugar. He begins his return for more, flying closer to the table, carefully waiting for his opportunity to grab another. Each attempt is foiled by some distraction, people are coming and going, our server arrives (somebody ordered another delicious cold beer), there is no safe opportunity for my buddy, the crow. We finish our delicious tacos, pay our bill and take our beers heading off to the beach to have a look before we continue our bike ride. I grab a sugar, carefully dropping it in amongst the crow’s sugar bag collection in the sand. I think he winked me a “thankyou” as we move off.

Earlier we had arrived at the hotel, we had asked a manager type if we could park there while we went for a bike ride. “No Problem” was his response as he and a few of his co-workers watched as we took the bike off the truck and prepared for the ride. When we were ready to go we offered them a ride. They all declined a ride on the bike the manager described as “no Mexico bike”. He’s right, the tandem and Mexican roads have nothing in common! This is the first time since the US we have even attempted a ride on the “big” bike.

When the ride was all over and we were putting the bike back on the truck we assembled another small crowd. Yesterday was a warm sunny afternoon and they were obviously enjoying the weather. They had a big bottle of Beef Eater gin, a  block of ice, a yogurt container, a machete and some coconuts, The yogurt container was the glass. The machete was used to chop both the ice and the top off the cocnuts.  

Hmm, gin and fresh coconut milk on the rocks. Doesn’t sound all that bad.