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Crafty Fred

Marilyn has her painting and sewing, I craft my blog and enjoy photography. Others do wood carvings or rebuild old cars. Still others make jewelry, collect rocks or crochet puppets. We all have our crafts. Then, every once in a while you run into someone with a really different hobby. Meet Fred; he makes signs out of license plates. Anything you want on a sign, just tell him and he’ll whip it up.

We were at a car show on Saturday (more about the car show someday when we get decent internet)  and got talking to Fred, a very interesting man with a very different hobby. And if you are not into old license plates, how about a sculture using old beer cans?

Fred and his fish

[Maybe I should buy that fish and hang it over the beer fridge, what do you think?

Who’s for a puzzle? This one is thanks to Fred
Click to Mix and Solve

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