Could It Be The Gluten?

Look at those hands.
Better yet, feel those hands; they are feminine, they are soft and gentle. They feel soothing when I touch them.
It didn’t used to be that way at all. For at least the past 5 years Marilyn has been plagued by serious eczema particularly on her hands. At times the skin was so harsh that they would often crack and bleed  for no clear reason.
She has been to dermatologists, she has tried every lotion, potion and cream available regardless of the costs. Once in a while she would find something that seemed to help for a few days but nothing ever even close to permanent.

Despite what her doctor said she began to suspect that perhaps her problem hands were related to gluten and then in August we were introduced to the book Wheat Belly.

By chapter 3 of Dr. William Davis’s book she was convinced enough that on August 21 we began to cut gluten from our diet, not an easy task, because gluten is everywhere in our processed foods, and even, you’re not going to believe this one, in beer ( although beer doesn’t seem to bother either one of us).

We think we’re on to something

So we have now passed three months of trying to be gluten-free, and still every day her hands improve. She now even attempts harsh cleaning products without gloves and no problems. Four months ago if she even came near any harsh cleaner her skin would immediately break out .

There are other benefits as well. My arthritis pain seems to have subsided, except when I cheat and savour that delicious brownie. I now know that I can still have it, but I also know that now I’m going to pay for the flavor.  Some days it’s worth it, some days it’s not.

I wonder what else we are doing to our bodies that we are not aware of? What can you eat or not eat? Which foods cause which reactions in you?

Care to share?


4 thoughts on “Could It Be The Gluten?

  1. every single bit of food that is produced is no good for the body. Just drink Beer & Canadian Rye Whisky [ with diet coke of coarse, dont want to add pounds ] & all will be OK.

  2. Hi Larry & Mar,

    There’s no doubt that gluten can cause ill effects. Take it from someone who knows first-hand what gluten can do to the body if you have Celiac disease. Beer can sometimes be tolerated, in small quantities but there are some pretty good gluten-free beers out there if you don’t mind spending a bit more…

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