Costa Esmerelda

Monday November 24

In english that means the Emerald Coast. We actually arrived Sunday afternoon after an uneventful drive from Cerro Azul. There are about a dozen RV parks on about a 10 or 12 mile stretch of beach. We have chosen Hotel Posada Del Zorro, a drop dead gorgeous park with 15 amp eectricity and running water. No pressure, but water. There are 3 RV’s here already, a good sign. Wow, People to talk with!

We meet our new neighbors. Ava and Manfred are from Germany, have a small European built motorhome. In it they have been to Canada and the US at least twice, have done Russia, China, the Himalayans and numerous other spots in the world. They have about 2 months left on this trip (they’ve been across America, down the west coast to Peurto Vallarta and across Mexico). They are moving North to Baltimore where their RV will be shipped home. They are, to say the least, interesting people to talk to.

Monday morning we are on the beach at 6:30 for the sunrise. Over the course of the day we meet Guy and RoseMary who are travelling with Chet and Carol. Like us, they too have reservations for Paa Mul, south of Playa Del Carmen, for December 15.

We agree on a 4:30 Happy Hour.

We begin to clean our motorhome and truck. We have some leftover Lodo we need to deal with. Later in the day we go to the local village to restock. In typical Mexican village fashion it’s one store for fruita, another for agua, yet another for vino tinto and cerveza. Marilyn is in love.We even buy 4 eggs, 3 of which I break on the way home. We find a restauarant with WiFi, so we lunch with our lap top and catch up. The world is functioning with out us. We walk the beach, we enjoy the 30 degree day. We clean up just in time for happy hour. It turns into happy hours, we have a great time.

This is what we drove all this way for.