Cookin’ With The Vanstones

As you’ll recall, last August we decided we were going to kick gluten and see if that helped Marilyn’s skin rash. As time goes on, and it appears we are on to something and we burrow further and further into eating no gluten we seem to be eating out a lot less often.

Even going out for wings is probably a no-no, most wings are breaded. Fries don’t work well either, many food establisments dip their fries in a bread batter to make them crunchier.

We’ve been to two apparenly great  pizza places so far this trip and neither turned out that great. Neither  had a gluten free pizza crust and based on their attitude they won’t be having one anytime soon either.

We were in a Kroger’s way-back  up the road somewhere and picked up a box gluten-free pizza dough mix (strangely, it was manufactured in Canada)

We had the first half of the package a couple of weeks ago, loved it and Marilyn froze the other half of the dough. Today  we declared tonight pizza night.

She pulled the frozen dough out of the freezer this morning so it was ready to be kneaded (aren’t we all?) when we got hungry.

We added a small can of pineapple chunks, sliced up some mushrooms and ham, spread the pizza sauce and grated cheese, sprinkled with oregano and basil and popped it in the oven for 20 minutes.

It was great pizza. I’m telling you all this to tell you that despite what you think when you first see all the foods with gluten in them, it’s not difficult (once you get your head wrapped around it) to have an interesting, healthy and tasty diet and be gluten free.

Based on the size of the Gluten-Free sections in the better food stores these days, we are certainly not alone in our quest to eat gluten free. If you want, we’ll start talking about healthy eating a bit more often. We’d be happy to share our experiences with you.

Gluten free ham and pineapple with mushrooms pizza

Gluten free ham and pineapple with mushrooms pizza

And that’s my story.

5 thoughts on “Cookin’ With The Vanstones

  1. YES please give us more info on your diet, it’s a learning experience! We went for pizza last night, NOT gluten free, and not Free either, it was really good though! What grocery stores have you found you like best?

  2. Hi Larry,

    Please share the names of stores you’ve found in the US that carry a variety of gluten-free foods. So far we’ve struggled to find some as plentiful as back home in Canada. Still surviving though as we head further south. Take care.

  3. Our daughter is celiac…so I’ve been learning to cook gluten free for her and always researching recipes for her..we gave her bread maker for Christmas and I dug up a few bread machine recipes for her…her biggest problem is not cooking gluten free or living her gluten free lifestyle..she has problems eating out even in restaurants who offer gluten free on their menu…the cross contamination is a big problem for her..glad its working for Mar..

  4. Gluten free is showing up more and more, even in our restaurants in Kelowna. What I want to know is if Mar’s rash remains under control and what other positive effects are you both experiencing?

    Well doe by the way!!!

  5. Yes, we will do more gluten-free blogs. Talking with friends yesterday, now 2 weeks semi gluten-free, they too see noticeable differences.

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