old stone bridge

Dufferin Island Causeway. Niagara Falls

If you are a regular subscriber to the “Amazing Vanstones” you have been seeing some weird stuff happening with this web site over the past few weeks. I apologize for that.

Seems I’ve pressed “Publish” a few times when I shouldn’t have, in fact I shouldn’t have been anywhere near that part of the site. I think it’s all part of the re-learning curve.

On a more positive note; If you are reading me on many devices (some devices display the page differently) and you gaze over towards the right side of this page, just under “never miss another…” you will see random pictures from my Instagram feed. Instagram is an app featuring nothing but images and videos from  a few million people from all over planet earth interested in photography. It’s kind of like Facebook except there’s no forwards or forwards of forwards. Some of Instagram contributors are truly amazing photographers, others, like me are still enthusiastic learners. Like Facebook, you can follow those that interest you. So what you see there on the right are some of the pictures that I have posted on Instagram.

sunflowers with sunset behind

“Sunset over sunflowers.” I took this photo one evening on a farm near Grimsby, liked it, started playing with the edit and voila…


If you are an Instagram member you can “like” it (please do,) and if you choose, can comment on what I have posted just like you can in your Instagram app.

If you’ve been thinking about joining Instagram, you can do that there too. Don’t forget to follow Larry.


If you like great photographs I will also point out that I’ve added a gallery to this website. If you go to my shiny new homepage at  right up there between “home” and “meet the amazingvanstones” you will see “gallery”. Click there to take you to a gallery of a few of my favorite images (I took the photos, I edited the photos) from the past few years of my posts

I plan on adding more galleries in the near future.

colorful farm lane

Colorful fall visit

I’m really enjoying getting back to my website. I’m having fun, I’m learning a lot. I like creating the words and the pictures. Hopefully I learn to control my wayward fingers so I don’t press that damn “publish” button until it’s time.


“Everything is figureoutable.”