Come, Sit, Relax

You can have the chair on the left. Be careful of the nails.
We were out for a walk in the desert yesterday morning and we came upon these comfy chairs. Looks like they’ve been there waiting for us for a while.
We walk around the cactus and sagebrush and here’s a lawnmower.

It left a note before it died. It said there used to be water out there and so there was lots of grass, it was busy and life was good. And then, the well ran dry and the grass all died.
I’m thinking maybe today I’ll walk back out there and rescue it. I’ll bring it in to the park and set it beside this waterfall.

We seem to have a thing with waterfalls here at this blog. A month or so ago we were at Drift Creek Falls and now here’s another one. This one is in Jojoba Hills RV Park and strangely enough is called Viagara Falls.It’s not uncommon to see guys stopping for a drink of water when they pass by. I must say it tastes pretty good.
If you think that’s strange, check out this tree, also in the park. It’s called a Verizon Tree.

If you think it looks a little artificial you’re right. It’s actually a Verizon cell tower dressed up as a tree.

Thanks for the read.

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