Color Me Curious

The other day I’m feeling a little off, like I need something to get my imagination going. I’m sure you know the feeling. I’m having a just fine day but I need a little more enthusiasm. We’ve just come back from a big hike so I don’t need exercise and it’s too early for a beer. I need some colour.

Every time we head west on the QEW we pass a day lily farm beside the highway.  There’s lots of color there. Off I go, I introduce myself and tell him I want to take some pictures. He leads me to his most colorful lily patch. I shoot some 360 photos like this one:

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Do you like lilies? This place has between five and ten thousand different varieties of day lilies, all available for purchase. Prices start at twenty dollars and there are hundreds for that amount.But there’s also a few at $100, up to five hundred dollars per plant. 

What do you get for $500? You get a blue day lily.  Just so you know a “blue” lily isn’t blue at all, it’s more mauve or purple and certainly very pretty. “Worth every dime” they say.

You can see more 360’s of daylilies here.

I feel better now.

Mare, Angel and I are out for a walk along the Welland Canal this morning. On our way back the “Homer Street” bridge went up as we were passed by a Laker. All a pretty normal scene for us locals but certainly not something you would see many other places.

The Frontenac heading north on the Welland canal to Lake Ontario and beyond. The “homer street bridge is up and you can see the Garden City Skyway in the distance. Yes, that’s Angel leading the way.


Later on, we hooked up with good friends Bruce and Diane. They took us cruising in their bright red Mustang convertible. What a blast! We took the back roads out to Crystal Beach for a lunch on a patio on the Erie shore. Yes, we waved at Buffalo New York while we were there.

A bird’s eye view of us cruising. That’s Bruce driving. I’m the one with the hat that matches the car,  naturally the girls are in the back. A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends!


“A girl in the convertible is worth five in the phone book.” said Bruce

Thank you for your time and attention.



6 thoughts on “Color Me Curious

  1. What a fun time wandering around and cruising to the beach on a Sunday afternoon in a convertible with 2 young chicks in the back seat. memories…..

  2. Marilyn says it reminded her of Mexico. She says she just about ordered a Corona at lunch. It was a blast!

  3. Sounds like you have been having lovely adventures. Particularly like Bruce’s saying on girls in Convertibles. Would you ask him “Can we use that one or is it copyrighted?”

  4. Sheila you have my permission to use that line anytime you want. We need to take you two out to the Palm wood on Lake Erie some sunny day. You’d love it.

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