City Of Waterfalls

We have now lived in the Hamilton area, the “City of Waterfalls”  for 10 years. I’m embarrassed to say we have seen maybe three or four of 126 of them. We travel 10’s of thousands of miles, all over North America to seek natural attractions of interest, but can’t do 20 miles to see some of the local ones. Shame on Us.

I didn’t even know there were a lot of falls we should see until last spring. We were parked next to Chris’ motorhome (you’ll see a picture of it when you click on the link) for a few days. This year I promised myself we would right this wrong.

Yesterday we headed out to see us some falls. Instead we got lost. As in completely lost. So lost in fact, we couldn’t even find the divorce lawyer we suddenly both needed to speak to. It was not a pretty sight. Fortunately we were close to home so I didn’t have too far to crawl.

We’re all better now. By tomorrow maybe we’ll be joking about it.

OK, next time we will plan our day. We will print a map and we will hold it right side up  and what ever happens we will remain civil to each other. We’ll take the money we were going to spend on the divorce lawyer and have a nice lunch everyday for the rest of our lives (or until we forget the map which ever comes first).

Meanwhile, way over on the other side of the internet, today we talk about our favorite iPhone or in our case, Android apps we love for RV’ing.

Come on over, we can compare lists.

5 thoughts on “City Of Waterfalls

  1. Thank you for this post, we have been on this road from Toronto to Niagara falls several times but did not realize that Hamilton area is so blessed with waterfalls.
    So on our next trip we sure will be hiking to the favorite ones.
    Can you recommend a central located C.G.

  2. We have never been “lost”. Some times we don’t have clue where we are or where we are going, but just say we are taking the “scenic route” and enjoy the scenery. So just go and have fun exploring new places.

  3. I’ve been to Tew’s, Webster’s and Balls Falls, but that’s about it. Not sure if I’ll get around to the other 123. But those are in Dundas Does that count?
    Whether or not, I haven’t a clue where Hamilton has managed to hide all those waterfalls, and I first set foot in Hamilton in 1967….

  4. Daniel I would recommend 50 Point Conservation area, right on Lake Ontario.
    Bob I agree they hide them all. this summer I am going to work on seeing a few more. Contessa. There are no listings for waterfalls in Hamilton on our GPS.
    George I think our day lacked the word “route”

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