Check Out The Smile


Meet our bud Bonita of  Pender Harbour. Just look at this lady. Now look beyond the icing. Check out that smile. Yeah, tonight she’s enjoying her birthday party but that grin is permanent. We’ve only known her for a couple of months, but I’m sure we have never seen her without that smile.

We had a little shindig  to celebrate her 39th with about a 16 of her closest local friends last night.

Same routine as usual: Water taxi to downtown Mazatlan, jam 14 people in a little red truck designed to carry max 10, ride to restaurant, a couple of drinks, way too much food, repeat red truck and repeat water taxi back to Stone Island. Rest.

2 thoughts on “Check Out The Smile

  1. Hi Larry,yes that road to Durango is something else.Lee and I came back that way when we came back from Cancun to Cabo.From Durango to Mazatlan it was about 7 hours if I remember right.Also you missed nothing by not going to Durango,that the place where we had to stay in that motel were they lock you in for the night,and have Dogs on the roofs to stop anyone from getting in over the top!………Garth

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