Chantilly Cream

Here’s a story for you.

I told you the tale about our trip up to Copala and the delicious banana cream pie we had at Chalva’s restaurant while we were there.  As good as the pie was the owner David insisted it could be better but he was out of Chantilly Cream and had to use regular whipping cream instead. To get Chantilly Cream would require him to make a trip to Mazatlan, about a 100 mile round trip, but when he got some and when some one from Tres Amigos was up there he promised he would send us a whole pie.

Seems we didn’t take him seriously.

That was Monday: Thursday afternoon, one of my neighbors comes up and says “Larry, here’s your pie”

David  is obviously a man of his word. He found some one coming up to Copala Tuesday who brought him the special cream and some one else who was coming back to Mazatlan Thursday. By 4:30 yesterday we had our pie and you can guess what we had for dessert.

It was good before but David you are right: The pie is outstanding with the correct Chantilly Cream.

So, the next time you are in Mazatlan why not take a day and drive up to Copala, and see the town. Or you can take a tour  if you want. Make sure you take you walking shoes, the streets are all cobblestone. You’ll love the place, I promise. And while you’re there stop in a Chalva’s, maybe have some lunch and for sure have some pie. (remember Rhonda said he makes the best Margarita ever). OK, so have a Margarita with you lunch, but save room for the pie.

Do me a favor; Tell him Larry and Marilyn say thanks for the delicious pie.

And a special thanks to all the other folks involved who picked up the cream, got it to Copala and shuffled the pie back to us. Mexico, gotta love it.

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  1. What a nice review, I just saw it for the first time (4/18/13). Cheers, here’s to good vibes.

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