Changing Colors


We took a drive yesterday, checking out Jekyll, St Simons and Sea Island and winding up at the Blythe Island Recreation area. We were here almost 7 years ago, in early 2006 we stayed in this RV park on our way to Florida (remember the Washington Apples story?). As we pulled into the park Marilyn commented that the last time we were here the truck was white (we had it painted in Mexico a couple of years ago). I look over to Buster: As always he is sitting on the center console so he can see out the windshield, he likes to help navigate.  Back then he had more black, less white. Ditto with Angel. Even I have less color. So Angel, Buster and I have more light color ( we don’t see it as grey), the truck got darker (in Mexico a few years ago, we painted it so it matches the coach)  how come Marilyn’s hair is exactly the same as it was 6 or 7 years ago, actually more like same as it was  32 years ago?
Some questions are probably better left unasked and certainly better left unanswered. If you’re reading this Mare, we love you, just the way you are.

4 thoughts on “Changing Colors

  1. Hey Larry I can help you darken those roots and keep up to Marilyn. Come on over the coffee pot is on and we can discuss what colour you would like to try out!

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