Change Is In The Air


If I had taken this picture  yesterday all you would have seen was a motor home behind some sticks pointed at the sky. Today it’s a picture of spring.
We’ve been flirting with this season since February and Arizona. Now it’s here in southern Ontario. Fortunately so are we because I love spring. It is definitely
my favorite time of year.
This is now day three of Larry back to work. I have to tell you it’s fun! Once again this year Kenny and I are job sharing, we each work three days a week so one of us is  always here to cover the other’s back.
And by my numbers, working three days a week for about 26 weeks, untill mid October, we’ll both be done  work and back on the road again in less than eighty work days. Sweet gig!

3 thoughts on “Change Is In The Air

  1. enjoy the work…as we know your very good at it 🙂 glad you got to job share again this year…have a wonderful spring and summer

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