Change In The Weather

Sunshine, water and cattle. That pretty much sums up the Okeechobee area.

We are blessed, we have had hot, dry weather everyday, but after today, change is in the air. Today’s high was once again near 90 but tomorrow we can expect some rain and a high in the mid 70’s. Quite a change! By Sunday we’ll be seeing highs in the mid 60’s before we return to mid 70’s by mid next week.

Depite the heat, today was a chore day, starting with giving our coach a really good wash. Unless we’re tavelling I usually look after wash our house on my own, but this time I hired the job out. It was certainly a treat watching the job be done, but I must admit that most of the time I was a extremely uncomfortable watching someone else do my job

Feeling My Mojo Risin

Mojo Risin Double India Pale Ale from Boulder Beer

Mojo Risin’ Double IPA
Last night was another special night. Once again I got to taste another of the fine brews I picked up in Port St Lucie the other day. Another great choice!

Released annually in January. Mojo Risin’ double IPA is a souped-up, extreme version of the one and only Mojo IPA. We added more than a half ton of extra malt and twice the amount of Amarillo hops, so be prepared for a full sensory explosion. The double dry-hopped addition elevates the grapefruit-like aroma and flavor to an outrageous intensity, while the added malt raises the alcohol level to over 10% by volume.
10% ABV
80 IBU
Malts: Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, & 20L Caramel Malt
Hops: Amarillo & Centennial

Over on that other website we talk about how you can wash your RV and not wind up with those annoying water spots we all hate so much. Please give it a read.
Weather forecast for tonight: dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.
George Carlin

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