I’m one happy camper


I’ve had an issue with this blog and pictures for probably 3 long lonely years and have never been able to figure out the problem. Sure I found a way to work around the problem so I could post but all those times you didn’t see me for months at a time it wasn’t that I didn’t love you anymore, it was just I was getting frustrated  with the process of putting it all together. I was even reduced to using vile swear words a few times.

Two years ago I took  my blog to an expert who happily took $500 of my money and still nothing changed except of course I had to go without beer until our cash flow problem  corrected. I’ve had others who were going to fix it but they didn’t pan out either.

Yesterday afternoon Marilyn and I sat down with our laptop, a tablet and a smart phone and after about two hours we found the problem. It’s not completely fixed yet but I got it out of the shop so I can use it for the weekend. We’re off to Ottawa and Winterlude and I may want to show you some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, let me show you a few more. Because I can, and I can easily.

So for the next few days it may look a little different but we will get that all sorted out next week. See you in Ottawa.

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”