They Carry A Chandelier Everywhere

Where ever Gord and Jason go, so goes their chandelier

Where ever Gord and Jason go, so goes their chandelier

They call themselves the Spicy Boys and we are fortunate to call Jason and Gord good friends. We met them at our home park in Ontario and over the summer got to know each other pretty good.  They caught up to us when we were on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and we had a great visit and now, as they work their way from Florida over to California we meet up again. They rolled in yesterday afternoon and last night over dinner, we all caught up on our adventures.

Every time I look up the sky tells me another story

I’m falling in love with the sky. Every time I look up it tells me another story

Here’s another Full Timer tip;

Most RV insurance policies don’t cover a lot of the things we all carry in our RV’s. For our sticks and bricks friends things like cameras and computers and stuff are covered by their home owner policy.  Our insurance company and probably yours too offers what they call a “fulltimers policy” that works kind of like a tenant’s package for renters. I think ours runs us about $100 per year. When we look at all the gear we carry where ever we go, we think that’s cheap insurance.

“Education is what you get from reading the small print; experience is
what you get from not reading it.” 

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