Cane Sugar and Cattle. Old People and Oranges

In true Jeopardy fashion now you know the answer, so what could be the question?

First, let’s take a minute and set the stage: as I mentioned yesterday we awoke to rain, so what’s a family to do? After a lazy morning including an extra long, slow, delicious cup of joe we decided we would go for the 125 mile drive around  Lake Okeechobee.

And Now…. Back to our story;

Ready? Here is the question: Central Florida is a huge agricultural area, what crops are most common around Lake Okeechobee?
The are literally thousands of acres of sugar cane fields in the Okeechobee region, a process that, from the seed planting to harvest apparently takes three years.

The area north and west of the lake has huge cattle ranch areas.

On the north, south and west sides of Lake Okeechobee is where Florida grows their abundant crops of old folks and there are literally hundreds of RV parks, some of which are really classy. Others would make a deserted parking lot look like a high-end destination RV resort. There are parks that cater to the fishermen, others include great golf courses. Still others, you will love even if your goal is little more than to enjoy the south Florida weather.

The old folks, just like the cattle, enjoy the Florida sun and feel contented by their strange but pleasurable  tradition of the four o’clock happy hour. Unlike the old folks, the cattle do not get to participate in happy hours, but I understand, because the old folks are happier than the cows, the state legislature is considering a bill that will change that. You know the old saying; A happy cow is a tasty cow.

Number 4 on the list was oranges and we all watch the commercials about where the best north american orange juice comes from.


Speaking Of RV Parks with good-looking Golf Courses.

As we were rounding corner three on our around the lake trip we decided we should stop and say hi to friends Rick and Elaine at The Glade’s RV Resort..

We are going to be in that park sitting next to the Cochrane’s in 5 or 6 weeks so we had a look around. Looks like the kind of park we will certainly enjoy.

Farming is a profession of hope”
Brian Brett

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