Cancer Free

In an office just down the hall from where in early October of last year we learned that I had prostrate cancer, yesterday, now mid April, we learned that all tests came back 100% fine. A-OK, Perfecto, Nada, Zero, Cerro! While they were at it they took back the staples in my belly and my little buddy, the catheter and bags. How do you spell relief?

Sadly though they could not do anything about my beer belly, Apparently that one is up to me to look after.

Strangely enough I had been totally focused for days about getting rid of the cather and staples and completely forgot that we were to get results of the tests they did looking for cancer while I was in the Hospital. For me, that news was 100% Bonus. And what a bonus it is!

Sadly though for the next little while I’ll only be buying 6 packs: The doctors say no heavy lifting  for at least a month. They also said no running for a while either. I was going to train for the Peach Bud 10K in Grimsby at the end of June, but now maybe not.

But I feel great, all systems seem to be coming along pretty good. It even feels like I’ll be out of the fancy pants I showed you a few days ago quicker than expected.

Marjorie commented in an email last night that the successful completion of my experince was a team effort. Right On Marjorie! And you are all members of that amazing team. I’m pretty convinced that with out all your thoughts, prayers and  words of encouragement it could have turned out quite differently.

Thankyou all.

Remember this: cancer can be Beaten!


11 thoughts on “Cancer Free

  1. You are a trooper! I must say that we are very excited. As soon as possible we will train for another run. All the walking and running this winter did pay off .Love you sweetie. More great times to come!

  2. Really, really great news.
    Six packs are Soooo expensive. One would think there should be disability insurance for the additional cost.

    PS: love the facebook badge


  4. Hi Larry
    This really doesn’t apply to the blog but thanks for the help today that you offered Elaine. It is a very sad situation and they are such good friends so was so glad when you were able to be with us. You truly are a good salesman!! no pressure but ever so helpful.
    Also, we were so happy to hear of your excellent report, I know how thankful you both must be!
    Once again, thanks for ‘your attention’ today.
    P.S. The hotdogs were great, Don ate 2 1/2 and even Larry had a whole one and commented on how good it was!
    Take care
    Don and Barb

  5. Barb: You can write anything you want anywhere you want, anytime you want on my blog. Especially when you say nice things like that. Good to see you guys yesterday, you are both looking great! We all carry a message. Larry’s is that we best enjoy everyday to the max. 21/2 dogs? How does Don stay so slim?

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