Cancer Free

Those Lilac bushes not only look good, right now they smell pretty fine too. It was about a year ago that I had my first test after  surgery for prostrate cancer. The results then were just fine, as they were last fall just before we headed out. One of the first things on the agenda when we got back to town was do the  tests for the Uroligist. Yesterday we got the results. Zero, Nada. No sign of cancer.

I was pretty sure I was in the clear but there is something about having that confirmation from the doctors. Maybe that’s why the lilacs smell so sweet.

Hey guys; When was the last time you checked your PSA?

7 thoughts on “Cancer Free

  1. that’s great news Larry…..hubby gets his checked every year and sees a specialist if needed… far so good

  2. Congrats on the cancer free news! Having been around the block with many people in my family, it’s always good to hear those words.

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