Can We Please Have A Relax Day?

Here we sit in Canyon Vista Rv Resort, with the morning sun shining down on us. You can see our satellite dish gazing up at the one lazy cloud in the pure blue Arizona sky. Our temperature is headed for the low 80’s this afternoon, could be the perfect afternoon to re-visit the pool and the hot tub.

That’s Bob and Marjorie’s coach sitting next to us there. After Buster’s succesful check-up at the vet tomorrow morning we are off, thinking our first stop will be Silver City New Mexico.

And Now: Back to the Bananas

As you can see, my original green bananas are still green, just like the green green grass of home. Marilyn was feeling a little sorry for me and went out and bought me some yellow ones, just so I wouldn’t starve.

You could call my banana stories an obsession. I’d prefer to call it a game. the only problem is I’m beginning to think the bananas will win.

Stay Tuned.


3 thoughts on “Can We Please Have A Relax Day?

  1. George; I figured if Fedex could find you when you were boondocking in the desert then for sure they would find you in Texas so we fedex’d you a big box of blue sky. Not much fluffy cloud right now but oodles of blue sky. Watch for it.

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