Can We Hit The Road Now?

Sunrise from site 11 at 50 Point

We have now been back home for about 6 days. We started off with  a great weekend with the kids. We’ve  drove around town catching up on what’s new, yakked with a few of the other home early neighbors and generally have been having a great time.

Now the other parts start: Getting our income tax done, arranging the doctor’s appointments and all the other goodies on the pages of “to-do-lists.”

Twice yesterday I heard Marilyn plead quietly “Can we go back on the road now?” She’s joking of course, at least I think she is, but we are both certainly missing the “waking up to something different everyday” routine of life closer to the highway.

We will tough it out though. We will finish the taxes and visit the doctors. We will finish everthing on the list. Because the sooner we finish it all, the sooner we can start working on our next adventure.

After all, that’s only about 6 months away and six months isn’t much more than 180 days.
Hold it! First let’s really enjoy each of those precious days here in gorgeous southern Ontario.

3 thoughts on “Can We Hit The Road Now?

  1. Well, you’re still a lucky man! Just last week my wife said, “I’m not living in an RV!”
    So there you have it. Mind you, not much later she was talking about when we’d buy our next motorhome.
    But she’s never once said, “When can we get back on the road?” No sir.
    Just chill.

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